The DFW Real Estate Market is competitive, and you need every advantage. Studies show that homes that with professional photography sell faster and for more money. As few shift toward a buyer’s market, it is increasingly important to provide your clients with highest quality listing with a professional, reliable photographer you can trust.
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Professional Real Estate Photography for the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.
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Next Day Delivery
24 Hour Turn-Around
Full Copyright Release
Photos are yours to use as you wish.

Still Photography Rates:

$125 - up to 26 Still Shots
Recommended for 1800 sq. ft or less.
$150 - up to 36 Still Shots
Recommended for 3000 sq. ft or less.
$200 - up to 46 Still Shots
Recommended for 4000 sq. ft or less.
$250 - up to 56 Still Shots
Recommended for 5200 sq. ft or less.
$300 - up to 66 Still Shots
Recommended for 6300 sq. ft or less.
$350 - up to 76 Still Shots
Recommended for 7500 sq. ft or less.

Additional Services:
Aerial Photography Rates*:
$100 - 10 Still Shots
Recommended for 3000 sq. ft or less.
$150 - 15 Still Shots
Recommended for 5000 sq. ft or less.
$200 - 20 Still Shots
Recommended for 6000 sq. ft or less.
$400 - 25+ Still Shots
Recommended for 7000 sq. ft or less.

(*Subject to availability, weather, and FAA approval.Drone photography not available in No-Fly zones.)
Recommended Preparations for Professional Looking Photography

Great photography in a listing makes a lasting impression. And it is essential that the subject is ready to be photographed. I highly recommend having your home professionally staged. Here are some recommended steps to take prior to having the home photographed:

Remove all cars, bicycles, boats, garbage bins, hoses, alarm signs, empty pots or pots w/ dead plants.
Sweep off patios, decks and walk-ways.
Remove fallen limbs from yard.
If you have a pool, please make sure the pool cleaner is pulled out and put away.
Be sure the walk away is clean and clear.

Open all blinds, curtains, sheers (including in the garage).
Turn ON all ceiling lights, lamps, under-counter lights.
Turn OFF all ceiling fans. 
Replace non-working bulbs.

Kitchen: remove all soaps, sponges, drying racks, dirty dishes, food off of counters and top of refrigerator, hide the garbage can, take towels off the front of appliances and remove everything from exterior of refrigerator. Counters look best with little or nothing on them.
Bathrooms: remove all personal items from countertops (razors, toothbrushes, soaps, personal photos, etc). In the shower, hide shampoos, razors, sponges, soaps, etc.

Pet beds, toys, bowls, pee pads, etc should be hidden. from view.
Try to hide electronics cords. Unplug if possible, but otherwise tuck them under furniture or behind a plant if possible.
Turn OFF all television and computer screens. Content may violate copyright. Blank screens will have images professional replaced.
Remove small rugs/mats from kitchen/bathroom. Assess the condition of your “WELCOME” mat.
Please make sure items “hidden” under beds cannot be seen from a distance.

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